Friday, January 28, 2022

Weighted Blankets Promote Healthy Sleeping Habits

The benefits of worn blankets on a child are well known. They will keep your child warm and dry as the winter months approach. There is also evidence that children who use blankets to bed also perform better in school, have fewer behaviour problems, and tend to be more independent than other kids. The fact is that an exhausted or tired child needs rest just as much as an energetic child does.

The use of weighted blankets can help your child in many ways during the cold months of the year. He or she will get needed rest. Stress is reduced, and the chance for allergic reactions is lessened. Sleep is easier to obtain, which can relieve stress. More importantly, though, your child will sleep and feel more comfortable in a warm blanket, which means they are more likely to sleep through the night.

Another benefit of the weighted blanket is that it provides additional sensory input for your child. There is evidence that sensory integration, which means a feeling of touch, texture, sound, and visual awareness, is important to learning and memory. This comes from how the brain responds to sensory inputs after being awake for some time. As the mind and body to prepare for sleep, deep pressure or deep relaxation occur.

weighted-blanketsThe benefits of weighted blankets is especially important for relieving pressure related to the sickness that we feel with illness. These “sick feelings” that lead us to distraction can cause a decrease in concentration and alertness. A tired feeling is not good for you or anyone else around you. The “down” side of all this is that it can harm your mood and self-image. It is not uncommon for a stressed-out person to lose appetites, become irritable, and become depressed. The use of weighted blankets, specifically the wooden variety, can help to alleviate some of the problem associated with the sick feeling and can also help to promote concentration.

The third major benefit of weighted blankets is that they promote healthy sleeping habits. When you are stressed out, and the symptoms of a sickness or illness are causing you to have problems sleeping, something as simple as a weighted blanket under your arms can help you get the quality rest you need. By making sure that your arms and legs are comfortably warm, your body will be better able to relax and unwind. You will be much more aware of how your body feels, which can be an important skill to develop. A person with a sensory processing disorder will often have difficulty sleeping, but a good night’s rest is an important part of your health. A depressed person will lose valuable time spent doing something productive, such as working on hobbies or just resting.

Cortisol levels are higher during times of high anxiety or stress. This cortisol is related to depression, and unhealthy levels of cortisol can promote feelings of deep pressure and stress. These feelings can be dangerous and lead to insomnia, poor memory and concentration and weight gain. Weighted blankets can promote healthy sleep and reduce anxiety levels, which can go hand in hand with improved mood and a reduction in symptoms of depression.