Friday, January 28, 2022

Types of Stockinette Bags by StockinetteBags

When selecting the right stockinette bags by StockinetteBags for your company, you may want to consider some of the different types available. While you may already have an idea of what you like, it’s important to know what qualities each fabric has, to determine which one would be best for your packaging and meat processing company. Below are some of the common types of stockinette available.


When it comes to packing meat, the first type is made of a single piece of fabric that’s used for stuffing massive, thick meat. Although it’s commonly used, this type of bag may not be best suited for the production of small, medium and large-sized meats. This type is generally best used in conjunction with a heavy-duty closure such as zippers or strong ties.


Stockinette is a combination of several different materials, with each piece of fabric having its purpose. The most common types of material used in making these bags include leather, cotton, and various synthetic materials. These materials make these bags strong and flexible enough to withstand repeated use, but also durable enough to maintain their shape over time. Many businesses utilize stockinette when wrapping fish since fish do tend to be large and heavy enough that the use of plastic bags may not be sufficient.


Stockinette Bags by StockinetteBagsStockinette bags by StockinetteBags can also be made out of plastic. While plastic bags are incredibly versatile and easy to use, they are not very durable and will tear after repeated use. While it may seem like plastic is the easiest and cheapest way to pack meat plastic bags aren’t usually made out of the most durable materials. A better choice is to purchase bags that are constructed out of fabric that’s stronger than plastic and coated with several protective layers. Because meat bags are typically used in packaging and transporting several types of food items, they need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of transportation regularly.


To reduce the weight of your product, many companies use plastic bags during the packaging process, while using a variety of other kinds of bags during the transportation process. For example, if you’re shipping a large, fragile item, it’s best to buy a bag that’s made out of thick fabric like a cardboard bag rather than purchasing a bag that’s made out of a lighter fabric. For more information about stockinette bags by StockinetteBags, click here.


Although most of these bags are inexpensive, they do require more maintenance than some other types of bags. They do require that the bags be washed and dried regularly, but only because the high-density fabric tends to retain heat during use. It’s very important that you only use a bag that’s appropriate for the type of product you’re shipping, or you’ll be wasting time and money.