Monday, December 6, 2021

Digging at the Advantages of a Split System AC

It is no wonder why homeowners choose a split air conditioning system over other alternatives when it comes to keeping the living space comfortable in the summer. Apart from the fact that it is an efficient way to keep rooms fresh, a split air conditioner also promotes practicality.

Here are other perks you will enjoy if you opt for a split air conditioning unit.

  1. It will not cost you a lot of money in the long term.

Compared to the window air conditioner, the initial purchase in a split system AC unit will cost you more. From the name itself, the unit is a two-part air conditioner. For a window air conditioner, you may spend up to $400. However, the split air conditioner can cost $2,500, including its installation. Fortunately, the cost of running the split air conditioner will go lower in the long run. Meaning, you will eventually gain back your initial investment.

  1. It is easy to install.

Since it consists of two units, it is the basis in getting the name split air conditioner. One unit of it serves as cold, and the other is warm. It is separated to make the air conditioning unit more efficient.

If you think that its installation is simply resting it into a window, well you are wrong as it involves much more than that. Take note that you have an outdoor condensing unit and an inside unit. Both connect through tubes and ducts that transfer the air. Its installation is complicated as it requires cutting holes into walls, finding a stable place for the outdoor unit and situating the cooling system in a furnace where it can use the home’s ductwork.

  1. It allows for whole-house cooling.

One of the major perks of a split air conditioner over window AC types is its ability to cool the entire house. By using the existing ductwork in the house, the cold air is transported not only in one room but throughout the house.

No doubt, it makes cooling much more efficient and easier to control. You can either make the rest of the house feel warmer while only one room is very cold or even make each room have the same temperature.

  1. It can lower your energy costs.

You don’t need to have multiple air conditioners in each room all working constantly if you opt for split AC unit since it will heat the entire house at once. You can connect the split air conditioner to a thermostat which will then turn on and off the cooling system when the temperature calls for it.

You will enjoy the savings you always wanted during the summer months as the split system will reduce your monthly energy bill. The split system air conditioner has drawbacks, too. But the benefits that split AC offers outweigh the downsides.