Friday, January 28, 2022

Cleaning Brass Door Handles the Right Way

Do you have brass door handles in your home? If you don’t have them, you need to take care of them right away. This home improvement project can be made more accessible if you use a polishing cloth. The cloth will not only make the handles look great, but it will also protect your fixtures from tarnish and dust build-up.

It doesn’t matter what type of Brass Door Handles by LoAndCoInteriors you have, you should always polish them. There are different polishes that you can use to help remove any tarnish or dust that may have accumulated on your fixtures. You can purchase brass door furniture with a pewter finish or buy a milder cleaner that won’t harm the pewter.


Many people think that tarnishing is just something that can happen to other metals besides brass door handles. However, this is simply not true. Tarnishing occurs when certain metals are exposed to an environment with high acidity levels. This will either create negligible oxidation or the metal will begin to corrode completely. Polishing will help prevent corrosion and keep your door furniture looking brand new.

One thing you should remember about polishing cloths is that they do not remove any stains from your brass door handles. They will protect them from the sun so that they do not yellow or get very dirty looking. If you leave some of the staining on the brass handles, it will eventually come off with time. However, if you let it stay on too long, it could damage the item.

You should be aware that the sun is very corrosive to Brass Door Handles by LoAndCoInteriors. However, this is not as damaging to your fixtures as many people think. Unlike wood, brass is not completely susceptible to water damages. It will only cause them to become slightly lighter. Over time, this will allow the water to break down the substance on the surface of your fixtures and create tiny pores that will attract airborne bacteria.

If you want to keep your doorknobs and handles looking like they were just purchased yesterday, you should clean them regularly. This is because the build-up of bacteria on these types of surfaces can spread over time and lead to fungal infections. This can quickly get out of control, and you could find that you are no longer able to clean your metals due to the damage they have incurred.