Friday, January 28, 2022

Three Main Reasons Why Air Conditioners Leak

This article will give you three reasons; however, leaks would have been preventable if the team at air conditioning installation Adelaide were hired to do the job from the get-go.

If your air conditioner leaks water, it can be challenging to determine where the problem is coming from. Often, water leaks can appear as an accumulation of condensation, but this is not always the case. You would not want to be running emptying buckets or dealing with wet floor day in and day out. Before giving up entirely on this ordeal though, consider some things first. Ditching the old and shelling out cash for a new air conditioner might not be necessary. Here are three explanations that might not require you to use air conditioning installation Adelaide service, although they do repairs also.


  1. The drain pipe is clogged

A clogged drain pipe is a common reason why an air conditioner can have a water leak. If the drain pipe is clogged after the build-up, water will begin to flow through the indoor air conditioner instead of out of the drain pipe. Dirt at the root of the pipe should be removed by flushing using chemical means. Only a professional should perform this service since the chemical is hazardous to come into contact with.


  1. Long drainage pipe

A drain pipe is another reason why an air conditioner may leak. A drainage pipe is often installed so that the air conditioner pipe shares the main drainage pipe that goes to the toilet. This situation leads to a build-up of dirt in the main drainage pipe that clogs it and affects all other tubes sharing the drainage. In this case, the air conditioning pipe will leak with the water having no place to go. Had your air conditioner been installed by air conditioning installation Adelaide, you would have had no problem since this hardworking team knows all the ins and outs of proper installation.


A larger diameter drain pipe must be connected to reduce the risk of blockage – that should solve this problem. Another option is to install a second drainpipe so that water can flow properly.


  1. The drainage pipe lacks a gradient

A drain pipe can also cause water leaks with no slope. Some air conditioner installers make the mistake of installing the drain pipe too horizontally. It can easily obstruct the drain pipe. Instead, the drain pipe should be adjusted so that it is slightly tilted and can pull out dirt and drain water.


By making sure that your air conditioning drain hose is installed correctly, you will avoid the headaches caused by a leaking air conditioner. If the mistake has already been made, air conditioning installation Adelaide, a team of installation experts that offer exemplary repair services also, can fix the problem quickly and easily for you.



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