Friday, January 28, 2022

Benefits of Using Net Wrap for Hay Baling

Hay baling is a simplified process that farmers around the world use to preserve grass for livestock feed. It is an easy and economical process that allows for fewer materials and costs. You don’t have to create indoor storage space as traditional farmers did in the past.

If you’re thinking of preserving hay for your cattle and other livestock animals, experts recommend using a net wrap hay baler that allows you to create as many bales as possible. This product offers many benefits aside from just wrapping the bundle for preservation.

More is Better

A net wrap hay baler is recommended highly for farmers who have hundreds of cattle to tend to. Net wraps allow for more preservation space so you can produce more hay bale for livestock. It is true, especially if you have various types of animals on one farm.

Less Time

Net wrap balers can stack up more hay compared to the number of stacks manual baling with a twine does. Since this type of baler can work efficiently than manual labour, you and your workers can achieve more in a short amount of time.


When you use a net wrap baler, you can reduce losses and spoilage. This hay baler has proven over the years to secure more hay silage than twine does. It also ensures that hay is wrapped tightly, so no strands are left out and contaminated. Hanging bale could contaminate the entire roll of grass, which makes net wraps more efficient in securing the hay tightly.

Net wrap balers are also proven to keep down labour costs since you won’t need too many people working on the wrapping, especially if you already have a machine that helps with the wrapping process.

Selling Option

 Net-wrapped bale appears more professional and well-kept than those wrapped with the use of twine. If you opt for net wraps for preserving hay, you can rest assured that buyers who put value in neatly-wrapped products will appreciate your effort and pay you reasonably. Tightly wrapped bale is essential during transportation, especially if your buyer lives miles away.

Most net wrap suppliers will provide sound advice for new farmers who have just started preserving hay. You can ask them also if they have discount offers for bulk purchases. Call your local provider today and get the most reliable net wraps for your hay preservation venture. Whether you’re planning to use the hay for fodder or you want to become a seller of bales, you can rely on net wraps to provide the best service that will meet your expectations.