Friday, January 28, 2022

What is a Gas Wall Furnace?

With the advent of a new generation of gas wall furnaces that are high-tech and very efficient, you can no longer make an excuse to be shivering in the cold of winter.

Have you ever heard of a gas wall furnace? Well, in this article, we’ve gathered information to get you started.

What Is a Gas Wall Furnace?

gas wall furnace A gas wall furnace such as a Mannix gas wall furnace is a type of heating system. It is a wall-mounted, ultra-thin space heater for heating a room or two in your house and powered by natural piped in or bottled gas.

Vented or Unvented

The wall furnace can be adequately vented to the outside. Unvented models have indicators of whether carbon monoxide levels are at dangerous levels, but you should always be careful not to use them in well-ventilated rooms.

How It Works

Gas wall furnaces disperse heat directly into the room in which they are installed. They work by drawing the cold air into the upper vents, heating it and blowing it back into the room through the built-in louvres located on the lower part of the unit. The air circulates with the help of a fan. They usually come in a smaller size and a larger one.

Advantages of Gas Wall Furnaces

The choice of gas wall ovens as a heating system has some advantages. The first is that they can efficiently heat large rooms, making them perfect for open living spaces, where conventional heaters were inadequate. If you choose a dual-capacity model, you can heat two places that are adjacent simultaneously. For example, you can heat the kitchen and the dining room on one side and the living room on the other.

Ease of Operation

The gas wall furnace operates with a simple control panel located at the top of the unit. You can adjust the furnace to heat the room to the desired comfort level.

Uses Natural Gas

Because it uses natural gas, you can rest assured that your gas wall heater is a reasonably efficient heating medium. It burns gas cleanly to produce heat, and its cost is usually much lower than that of electricity. Although electricity is needed to power the fan, it is very little used and therefore does not add anything to the cost of running the heater.


In terms of aesthetics, you can easily forget the presence of an inconspicuous gas wall furnace such as a Mannix gas wall furnace. Gas wall furnaces are designed with sleek, elegant lines, and their slim design makes them as unobtrusive as possible. It’s up to you whether you want the furnace to become a feature!