Friday, January 28, 2022

Removing Tree Stumps

Tree stumps are an important hazard and legal liability. Each day countless lawyers are filing civil liability cases for personal injuries resulting from tree stumps. Learn more about #1 tree stump removal Adelaide.

#1 tree stump removal AdelaideAnother potential problem with removing tree stumps involves an old-fashioned method called grinding. Grinding can be a dangerous activity because one can easily damage surrounding surfaces with the grinding action. For this reason, it is rarely used today, even for the removal of tree remains.

Unfortunately, the cost of removing tree stumps often makes it an unnecessary procedure. Tree remains can be sold for scrap metal, but that takes time and energy. It also costs money to haul away the stump — even if it can be moved, it will still incur costs. Many people who try to rid their yards of a stump choose to cut it down themselves instead.

There are two main options for removing tree stumps: grinding and felling. Grinding requires the use of a power saw, which is potentially dangerous. A hammer can be just as dangerous, but both are more time-consuming. As with most #1 tree stump removal Adelaide procedures involving power tools, falling does have some risk. Although tree remains can often be moved or disposed of using other techniques, the risk associated with felling is much higher.

The second method of tree removal is scaring. #1 tree stump removal Adelaide may be the most effective and least dangerous. Stump scaring involves carefully removing the stump from a surrounding area, such as a dry river bed. This process uses specially designed traps and other equipment to catch the root ball and break it into smaller pieces. A series of slits, grooves, and tunnels are then created to drain away from the roots and stumps.

The downside to this method is that it does require a skill. Tree removal specialists have studied for years to learn how to do this effectively. Many homeowners may not be confident doing this by themselves, so many companies now offer this alternative method for removing tree stumps and root systems. Professional stump grinders are available and should be used in conjunction with manual removal techniques.