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The Route

houses2In order to get from Sydney to Perth we decided that we would forego the airports.  We decided that we’re going to drive it.  We’re going to take the highway all the way over to Perth. That is an estimated driving time of 42 hours.

42 hours is just the estimation of driving straight through.  We’re not going to do that though, we’re going to sightsee along our way.  It is a great opportunity to see different parts of our great country.

We’ll be stopping in all of the main cities, Melbourne, Adelaide, Esperance and our final destination Perth.  We plan on staying about a week in each city in order to have a full experience.  Susan has registered the kids to be home schooled this year through the NSW’s Board of Studies in order to accommodate our trip.

Once we arrive in Perth we’ll give each of the girls the opportunity to go back into public education or to finish off their education with their mom. It wouldn’t be fair for us to take Carol out of school before Year 11 and then put her back into a different school system for Year 12, so we’ll give her a choice.

In Melbourne we plan on doing the normal touristy things like the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, Eureka Tower and the National Gallery of Victoria. We are also going to book a session in the Escape Room.  We’re all really excited for the escape room.  We’ll have to work together as a team in order to solve puzzles and “escape” the room.

Our next stop will be in Adelaide.  In Adelaide we plan on going to the Adelaide Zoo, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  We also want to go up to the Mr. Lofty lookout.  I want to stop at the National Railway Museum, but I can’t get anyone else to agree that it sounds like a good idea.  I may go there by myself while the ladies go shopping.

After Adelaide we’ll be driving a long stretch without much to do.  It’s going to be the most painful part of the trip, but then we’ll be in Esperance.

While in Esperance we’ll be visiting the Pink Lake.  Maybe we’ll see if they offer helicopter rides above the Pink Lake in order to really experience it.  We’ll probably also visit the Esperance Museum, but it doesn’t sound too impressive.

Finally we’ll end up in Perth.  All of our belongings should already have made their way to our new home and we’ve communicated with the movers about how we would like the new house set up. Once we open the door to our new house we’ll get a good night’s sleep and wake up to brand new lives.

I’ll go to work like normal at my new job.  Susan and the girls will be able to visit shops and learn about different opportunities our new city offers, and we’ll plan for our next adventure, because if we’re not planning for a new adventure Susan and I go a bit mad.

My Family

apple bookMy birth parents gave me to the state the day I was born.  Once I was old enough I was able to read the reports and discovered that my birth mother was a drug addict and prostitute and my “father” was most likely her boyfriend of the moment.

I was adopted before I turned one to an amazing couple that were unable to have their own children.  They nurtured my natural curiosity.  If I showed a bit of interest in singing, they would give me private lessons; the same went for art and instruments.  Some may say that they spoiled me, but they just wanted me to reach my full potential.

Not only did they give me all the best lessons and clothes, they also gave me their unconditional love and support.  They made me the successful man I am today and there is no I could ever say thank you enough for all that they gave me.

Luckily they were able to meet Carol before they passed away.  They were so deeply in love that once my father died my mother died about a month later of what I like to think of as a broken heart.  It was sad losing both of my parents in such a short amount of time, but it was almost morbidly romantic.

As I mentioned in the ”About“ section, I met my wife on a backpacking trip through Spain. We didn’t go together; we weren’t even in the same groups.  We just happened to meet in a hostile in a beautiful part of Spain.  Once I got back to Sydney, I called her and invited her to come and visit.

On her visit we realized we were in love and quickly eloped.  It was so ridiculous and impulsive and I don’t recommend it to anyone, but for us it worked.  We’ve been married for a little over 20 years now and we’re still deeply in love with each other.

Our oldest daughter is named Carol.  She is a lovely homebody; she doesn’t have a desire to travel. She does enjoy our vacations.  She would rather read books than go to parties.  We support her unique personality and leave her room to be herself. We’re trying to provide her enough information about Perth for her to feel more comfortable with the move.

Our youngest daughter is Olive.  Olive has always been a daredevil.  She loves adventure as much as her mother and I do.  She has brilliant suggestions about our trips and loves to be in the planning process with us.  She’s really excited to on the road and start her new life in Perth.